Excerpt from THE HUNGRY I – Chapter 11 page 267 (part 2 of 2)

Published February 28, 2017

“Race is an illusion,” I said to get everyone’s attention. “Racial classifications, ethnic groups, even nationalities are all artificial barriers that men created to divide people.”
“That’s bullshit, man,” Leon shot back. “You’re talkin’ outta your ass!”

“It sounds far out, I know. We identify races, nationalities, and ethnic groups; yet, they develop from natural selection. Negro blood, Oriental blood, and Caucasian blood are all the same! Unless you note skin color or facial characteristics, there are no distinctions among us. We share the same fluids and organs! That means we’re all the same human beings in reality, in God’s sight,” I concluded my message, and arguments broke out around the room.

“Niggers been catchin’ hell from the white man for three-hundred years, and that shit ends now! Leon shouted. “No white dudes on the court!” he added and gestured. “It’s simple! You come on the court while the black brothers are playin’, and your white ass gets kicked,” he ended his rant; it was followed by a chorus of laughs from his stooges.

“That’s wrong,” I said, as all eyes looked my way.

“Well, you don’t have nothin’ to say about it. You’re just a parttime brother anyway! You can’t hang with the whites and the blacks! You need to dig yourself, bro, ‘cause the revolution is comin!’” Leon said, as he walked toward me.