Why You Should Run from “Bible Believing Churches” discussion continues…….

Published July 13, 2017

One Truth The  Physeter  • a day ago
God has given you the freedom to be distrustful and to reject His Holy Word. Hereitics like Adan Ericksen will also be judged for rejecting the Word of God and teaching others to do so as well.

The reason there are so many unsaved people who continue to live in sin against God, while maintaining the stance that they believe in God, is the direct result of rejecting Gods Word and making up their own rules as they go, living in sin and living for the world. They are those who best fit the bogus ‘every christian ever’ poster displayed by Robert Conner below. Revelation 21:8 describes the fate of those who live such a life.

As for Gods Word and how we are to view it……..      

Matthew 4:1-4

John 6:63

1 Timothy 6:3-5

2 Timothy 3:14 – 4:4

2 Peter 1:16 – 2:10

and Finally…..Isaiah 66:2….Note the last four words…”who trembles at my word.”

The Word of God is exactly what it implies….The very Word of God. Fear it, love it and live by it or remain blind and condemned……2 Thessalonians 2:8-12.

Study the Word of God and be blessed.

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William L Ingram
I am not a skeptic or an unbeliever but a Free Thinking Bible believing Christian who disagrees with your thinking. You and most of modern Christendom consider The Word of God to be the printed, English versions of The Holy Bible. I believe that God is a Living God with a Living Son and that although the Bible is Holy or Sacred it is the word FROM GOD and NOT the WORD OF GOD! Gods’ Word is like the rays of sunshine to the hungry soul, it is always Present! Always Now!

The Holy Scriptures are valuable for direction and instruction. They reveal man’s interactions with the living God of Abraham and others. They teach the meaning of surrender and salvation after repentance and forgiveness to those who hunger and thirst after the right WAY to BE!

To worship The Book as if it were GOD is error! I could be wrong, as you no doubt think I am, but please take a moment to let go of your harsh judgement of Christians that disagree with you and quietly consider that you could be mistaken. Don’t let your intellectual pride trap you like the intellectuals that tried to prove themselves purer than Christ! He had the Living God and they had the dead letters that cannot give LIFE!
William L Ingram