Why You Should Run from “Bible Believing Churches” (Continues…………)

Published July 19, 2017

Why You Should Run from “Bible Believing Churches”
One Truth responds to William L Ingram:

Good day William.
First off, you claim to be a “Free Thinking Bible Believing Christian”. That’s great. God gave us all Freewill, so we are all free thinking. Bible Believing Christian? Ok that’s me as well. So where is the problem?
Secondly, I in no way, shape or form said or insinuated that I worship a book. The Holy Scriptures are the Word of God, and if I carry and wield the “Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” ( Ephesians 6:13-17 ), then I am simply defending God and His Holy Word. Nothing more, nothing less. Anyone who has a problem with what I say simply has a problem with God and His word because He and His word are all that I defend.
You said……..”and that although the Bible is Holy or Sacred it is the word FROM GOD and NOT the WORD OF GOD!”
Friend, that makes absolutely no sense. ‘word from God’, ‘word of God’..same same.
You might want to read 2 Peter 1:16 – 2:10 over a few times.
Harsh judgement? That comment in itself is judging. I have judged no one. Called out liars and heretics… sure. Gods Holy Scriptures direct us mature Christian’s to do so.

William L. Ingram replies:

I do appreciate your thoughtful response to my comments. I think we both know that we will continue to talk around this subject unless we have a definition of terms that we both agreed to. The only point I will try to clarify is this. The Word of the Living God is Jesus, The Christ of God. He and only He is the Word of God! The written Word, even of our Lord’s teachings, is the Word FROM God! It is both a distinction and a difference from modern Christianity I know, but I strongly believe that this is where Primitive Christianity or The Way, teaches.

The modern Churches of Christendom are confused and confusing, to each other and outsiders! “Churchianity” dominates Christianity and every new denomination became fruit of the tree of confusion. They are not evil or bad, and many are doing good, but as I often say they have the right words but the wrong music.

I’m pretty sure that you have no concept what I am writing about and that is okay. If you read my memoir. Finding Heaven In The Dark (www.findingheaveninthedark.com) , you will see a discussion I had with a fellow Christian 50 years ago that is similar to ours. It begins on page 203 if you check it out on Kindle.

The good thing about learning to love a forgiving Creator God and His Christ is that there is nothing to fear from men or the words of men. All of man’s religions before Christ and since are attempts to define or explain God and His nature. As Job learned after discussing life and misfortune with his friends, The Divine Intelligence and Creative Force of All Life is not easily captured in a few man-made noises!

We need to be humbled by what we DON’T KNOW about God and learn to BE STILL. Our purpose is to desire to reconnect with our Heavenly Father through Christ! No other knowledge is necessary to find salvation from an intellect that is at war with it’s creator!