Published August 19, 2017

It was just a year ago that I held the first printed copies of my memoir, Finding Heaven In The Dark, in my hands. That was a precious and memorable moment after years of starts and stops in the cathartic process of telling the story of my early life struggles and triumph.

That whole journey has been an adventure and a learning experience. There is a saying that everyone has a story to tell and I believe it, but not all stories are worth sharing. I thought that mine might be just because of the true life principles I encountered and embraced. Exposing embarrassing details about my distant past was painful, but also liberating. The truth may hurt but it also heals.


Now to have those efforts validated, by those in the industry, is truly humbling. I felt honored to be a finalist in one category, but to be in contention for a second award was a great honor I really appreciated! To be awarded the PRESIDENT’S SILVER BOOK AWARD for COVER DESIGN was gratifying because I chose the design and have gotten many positive comments at book fairs! To be again honored with the PRESIDENT’S SILVER BOOK AWARD for AUTOBIOGRAPHY / MEMOIR truly validated my efforts to share my story in a way that was compelling and very readable!

Thank you to the judges who were professionals in the publishing industry and represented authors, publishers, independent publishers, illustrators, editors, printers, and other members of FAPA!

William L. Ingram/Author

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