Published October 15, 2017

In FINDING HEAVEN IN THE DARK I wrestle with the mystery of my unwed birth in 1949. The aftermath of the decision by my Mother and Grandmother to allow me to grow up without any knowledge of my birth circumstances or birth father effected my troubled teen years profoundly. After a rebellious enlistment in the Marine Corps I reverted to a self-defeating persona and tried to run away from all my early life failures and disappointments by deserting. My cross country hitchhiking trek as a 17 year old fugitive is the backdrop to part one of my story entitled DARK JOURNEY.

Part two is entitled BRIGHT PASSAGE and is meant to chronicle my eventual spiritual encounters with myself and the conflicting internal forces that had forced my life to a painful standstill. At a skid row rescue mission in Los Angeles I had run out of places to run. My searching attitude began to guide me into a path of self awareness after embracing traditional Christianity.

A Los Angeles Firebrand and spiritual talk show pioneer ROY MASTERS and his FOUNDATION OF HUMAN UNDERSTANDING totally changed my trajectory in life! Roy Masters taught a Judeo-Christian Meditation exercise that he claimed taught patience, self-awareness, and a genuine connection with God. Be Still and Know was the intriguing concept that joined the Bible and the Meditation exercise in Roy’s book HOW YOUR MIND CAN KEEP YOU WELL. I bought it then and have never stopped loving or living the wonderful understanding it has brought into my life! That was the motivating factor behind turning my manuscript into a self-published memoir.

After several rewrites to shorten and strengthen my narrative I evaluated 3 print-on-demand publishing houses and I chose DOG EAR PUBLISHING of Indianapolis. From that point the journey has been incredible. Many difficulties had to be overcome as the copy editor would submit correction and suggestions to me via the internet. It just happened that my wife Susan and I were working at a campground on Silver Lake in western Michigan that entire Summer of 2016, and the WiFi service was weak and unpredictable. Other adventures and health issues made the final publication date and the eventual arrival of the first copies of the book a momentous occasion.

After a prayer of thanks I opened the box from Dog Ear publishing and gently held a copy of the book in my hands. Susan read the book cover to cover and praised it and me. She had shared the journey with me from a finished manuscript to a printed memoir with an eye catching cover, intriguing title, and a compelling story! Our joy was validated during the following months and the latest honor came with the book being a double winner of the President’s Silver Medal Award given by the FLORIDA AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION on August 5th 2017!