Published December 17, 2017


I remember the first time I heard that phrase. I don’t remember who said it but I remember my reaction. It was in a retail store a few years ago. After totaling my purchases and bagging them the checkout lady said, “have a blessed day,” with a smile in her voice.

“Thank you, and you do the same,” I said as I nodded my approval. I liked the phrase immediately. It was different than the standard “have a nice day.” I thought that the lady was probably a fellow Christian, although there was no reason to assume that only a Christian would use such an expression.

Occasionally during my years in my cleaning business I’d heard a client say, “God bless you”, as I left their home. My usual response was to say, “he has”, with emphasis. People liked that response and so did I. It was a genuine refection of the blessed life I truly was living! But just what does “blessed” mean?

The dictionary meaning includes terms like; enjoying happiness, enjoying the bliss of heaven, enjoying good fortune, or being a recipient of a good quality or skill. There are other definitions and most seem Judeo-Christian based, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It does seem like I hear “blessing” phrases more since I now live in the south. Florida is not the “Bible Belt” geographically, but God and Blessing are big here. For that reason the blessing phrases have morphed into, “be blessed” and “I am blessed”.

“Have a blessed day”, is a thoughtful and meaningful expression, from one person to another, that transcends religious belief. I see it as another way of saying, “make the best of your day”. Those are words of empowerment blended with humility.

We do better when we learn to accept all that life brings to us as if from the hand of God. That’s because all of life is a school for developing character. Each day and every moment we are challenged by negative and life draining situations. Even the best of us can’t defeat every psychic “dragon” that tries to break our spirit and devour our life-force, so some days the “dragon” wins.

That’s when the “blessing” counts the most! Our faith that there is GOOD and ORDER as the foundation for the universe, and that we as human beings are meant to access that source, is powerful. It’s why we encourage each other to stay aware of the blessings that are possible with perseverance and patience!

Watch any impulse to get negative and let it go. Let it pass. It cannot exist unless you give it your life through thinking and emotions. As you see that you gain more control of your emotions and attitudes you are realizing the “blessing” for peace of mind that others just talk about! Thus your life gets better while others just get bitter.

Your growing patience and peace of mind will help everyone, HAVE A BLESSED DAY!