Published February 4, 2018

Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those that trespass against us

This clause is the key point in Jesus’ wonderful prayer. Here He gently, yet powerfully unfolds the only path to salvation from bondage to Sin!

Sin is the central problem of human life. It is living a life with a sense of separation from our Creator. This is the great error encoded into our selfish ego makeup, and the cause of all human tragedy! It is our inherited belief that we are experiencing a personal existence, isolated and alone, in a hostile universe. On that basis our selfish impulses become our false identity.

Our true selves are at one with God, for that is the truth of Being. We need Gods’ Life Force to exist! To express His Nature we must share His Mind. In our ignorance we act as though we live apart from God by claiming a self-hood that doesn’t really exist.

In reality we are one with the Whole of Life. Our Creators’ Divine Impulse sustains All life, so physically and spiritually we are one with all people!

Evil is Live spelled backward. Living “backwards” is essentially the root of Sin. Sin is defined as “missing the mark” which is another way to say, “living in error”. This condition does indeed separate us from God’s Presence, but not His Purpose! The pain from the consequences of sin, is to awaken us to our self-destructive beliefs, of finding peace apart from Gods’ Purpose for our life!

Our trespasses, and the power of forgiveness are irrevocably linked.

To Be Continued in part 7B

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