Excerpt From Chapter 8 “ALMOST HEAVEN” Page 180

Published November 14, 2016

Winter 1968
I was sick for days. I only performed the duties I absolutely had to complete in order to maintain the kitchen operations with the help of staff. I spent all my other time in my room. I was physically ill with flu, and the symptoms lingered. I refused to seek medical attention. Worse than the chills, sweats, and bone-aching, sneezing fits was my heartsick depression. It enveloped me as never before! My body was gross and polluted from self-indulgence and abuse. I didn’t know how to stop feeding my emotions. I prayed fervently and read my bible devotedly, searching for deliverance from this malaise that settled over my life. I learned so much about life and its’ possibilities, since taking refuge at the Mission. My nineteenth birthday was approaching, and I was still confused about what to do about my trail of deceit. I was joyful for the knowledge I gained, but my personal conflicts raged on. Their weights became greater than I could bear.