Published November 18, 2016

scan0006-1 (My Mother and Me in 1972)


ALMOST all Christians and other Faiths would say an emphatic YES without really thinking about it. It’s not something we want to question. People who think of themselves as faithful and devout believers feel that praise and worship equal love for GOD and that that is what our Creator wants. God’s Love for us is more definite and secure because His Love is demonstrated to all creation with every breath of Life!

In my memoir FINDING HEAVEN IN THE DARK I was terrified by the thought that I might not love my mother! I felt horrible and even unfit to live! Wasn’t it natural to love ones parents, especially your Mother?

Internal self-honesty is the real answer to all of lifes confusing questions. We must be honest about where we stand in our minds and seek to understand why we feel or believe what we do. That is what GOD wants from us – our attention to our thoughts and the awareness that they may not be our own!

Find the LIGHT from Heaven in your darkness and you will have a guiding LIGHT to freedom from all your fears. FREE YOUR MIND AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW!