Published November 20, 2016

Without opening my eyes, I reached over to the radio and turned the dial to find a familiar station. A classical melody was playing, so I paused to hear what program it introduced. The taste of dried tears was in my mouth. Then, I heard the distinctive voice with its crisp, clear, and very British accent. His name was Roy Masters. His program was called How Your Mind Can Keep You Well and a Moment of Truth. Directly, he launched into one of his tirades. Masters’ tirade was more of an inspired rant; he spoke like a prosecuting attorney, railing against the psychotic jungle mankind was entrapped in. He used everyday words, but in very specific and insightful ways. He was talking to me. I lay there; my eyes shut against the dim afternoon light, and listened intently. I’d never heard anyone speak so truthfully and powerfully before! My heart soared and my mind was alive with wonder. He apologized for not taking any calls (on what was usually a radio call-in show). Then, after an advertisement from his program’s only sponsor (a house moving business), Masters returned to his harangue. He was a firebrand whose righteous anger was directed at shaking us out of our spiritual lethargy.