Published November 27, 2016

I awoke earlier than usual to practice meditation each morning. For about thirty minutes, I attempted the observation and concentration exercises with the record. I had varying degrees of success. I disappeared for a time when my mind planned meals, conducted imaginary conversations, and relived past events. When I became aware of those drifting thoughts, I gently returned my attention to my hand, which represented the present.

The practice became wonderfully frustrating! Almost without exception, any glow I felt after meditating would vaporize once I immersed myself in the activities of the mission. Ah, but it had always been so! Now, I contrasted my newly formed self-awareness to my time as a kitchen manager. My consciousness was alive and growing.

I read How Your Mind Can Keep You Well from cover to cover. I didn’t try to study it or learn it. As the author advised, I simply read it and let whatever message triggered an insight, do so. When I reread it, I discovered deeper meanings and whole paragraphs that I missed completely. The words hadn’t changed, but I was changing!

I proceeded to truly understand the real need for patience. That capacity was the key to the meditation exercise. Forbearance became the matrix of true character change. “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 now had real meaning!