Excerpt: Comment on Why You Should Run from Bible Believing Churches

Published May 9, 2017

Who decided what is the New Testament?

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Excellent question. People who were the winners of a complex theological horse race but who are currently dead. The four canonical gospels are widely agreed to be the only quasi historical accounts of Jesus’ career from which we might hope to retrieve anything factual–it is just as widely agreed that the non-canonical stuff is largely gibberish historically speaking. So if other historical sources have been tossed out and lost, and the foundational texts are to be considered crucial for defining what Christianity is, then as I see it Christianity has painted itself into a corner unless the believer says that what the NT says doesn’t matter and makes up his own Jesus from scratch. But is a customized Jesus still Christianity? If so, isn’t Christianity just what anyone chooses to believe? Is building model planes Christianity because someone says it is?


William L Ingram comments:
The Holy Bible and several other ancient text explore mankind’s relationship with and revelations from the Divine Creator of all life. However the New Testament reveals the completion of God’s plans for creating Human Beings by His example of Jesus Christ. Jesus did not live, die, and live again to establish a new religion or set up dogmatic scriptural beliefs. His sacrificial life is The Way to at-one-ment with our Heavenly Father. The Bible should never be worshiped or placed above God because the letter kills and only the Spirit gives Life!

I had a similar debate with a fellow Christian many years ago. I wrote about it in my memoir FINDING HEAVEN IN THE DARK, chapter 9 ( An Invitation To Openness). It’s posted on my blog dated Dec. 15, 2016 Check it out at