Published May 27, 2017

Loving-kindness is a beautiful concept that is just as rare as godliness. If what the World needs now is love it must start with us. But human love that is self-serving and ego based is not good enough and most of us know that, but it’s all we have. It’s our default position to love those who love us back. We secretly calculate if the love we get is equal to the love we give. Is the love you take equal to the love you make?

We are double minded in our ideas about love as we are about life. To simplify, THE MIND that can see the need and understand the concept of NOT HATING those other than it’s own kind or kin, is welcoming into itself a higher knowledge than it was born with! Jesus’ most profound teaching was that we should “NOT HATE”, (which is Heavenly Love) those who hate or are opposed to us! It still bedevils our instincts and we continue to fail in large measure.

However, individuals of every faith and belief have discovered that to “let go” of the impulses to JUDGE, RESENT, and HATE others is the beginning of loving-kindness and the personal PEACE that their hearts have longed for.

Use Meditation and Prayer to rise above your busy thoughts to find the objective consciousness that is the light of Heaven.