Published December 23, 2017


If you have read an article or book written by someone that has impacted your life in some way it is always appreciated if you could give the writer some feedback. It doesn’t have to be positive, just honest. Sometimes only a word or two is a powerful comment.

As an author I see the need for reviews and comments about my book and blog articles as necessary. They are the life blood that connects the writer with the reader! As vital as the star rating system is for film reviews so it is with book reviews. Amazon and Goodreads are popular sites that potential readers search for interesting books of all genres, but often the determining factor for choosing a book by an unknown author is the reviews by other readers.

That’s where you come in to the picture. If you have read portions or all of my memoir: FINDING HEAVEN IN THE DARK by WILLIAM L. INGRAM please go onto Amazon and leave a few words about any feelings you had about the book. I would appreciate it greatly. I care about your thoughts and would enjoy you sharing them with me and others.

I used to jokingly tell people that if they liked the book not to keep it a secret, but if they didn’t care for it to keep it to themselves! Now it doesn’t matter because I don’t care what you say about my story as long as you spell my name and book title right!

Thank you for caring & sharing,

William L. Ingram/Author