An Interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer: part 2 OUR FATHER

Published January 4, 2018


Jesus spoke those two simple words and rocked all the primitive concepts about the relationship between God and Man. He summed up the truth of being with a theology that clearly stated that the relationship between God and Mankind was that of Father and Child. At the same time it teaches everyone about his neighbor.

The perfect iconoclast, Jesus shatters the images of God as a despotic and avenging Deity that is cruel and unpredictable with His fiery justice. He insists that God is a loving and benevolent Father who exceeds the best actions of any earthly father.

The clause, OUR FATHER, sets the nature of God, with Human Beings as His offspring. The only race is the Human race and God is OUR FATHER. As offspring of God we share His spiritual nature and become heirs to Divine possibilities we cannot imagine.

Our life view confusion, about what we are as Humans and who we are as individuals would be healed, if we genuinely understood the importance of our alignment with our Creator, and His Perfect Purpose for our lives. Our pride, doubts, and fears have sustained us apart from the Divine Will and enslaved us in a hypnotic trance tormented by pleasure and pain.

Jesus’ words reveal that Our Father desires us to be of an upright and noble character that reflects His Perfect Nature.  We are not to grovel before our God, but be respectful and thankful for our position in creation, and the great possibilities that await our learning to love God and His purpose for us.

To Be Continued in part 3