Published January 10, 2018


Once Jesus established the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of all mankind, he expanded His description of the nature of the Supreme Being and basic facts about existence.

He teaches that God is CAUSE and that Creation, including Man, is EFFECT. The Presence of God is also Heaven, another term for a Timeless Realm of an UN-CAUSED BEING, in metaphysical terms. These seemingly abstract points are not necessary to understand except to illustrate the difference between God as Creator and Man as created.

GOD, is the Divine Impulse and First Cause of All that exist, in the manifested world and the un-manifested or unseen world. The Divine has expressed (pressed out) of Himself a manifested world of Creation through the use of Opposites. Jesus explains a simple form of this understanding by teaching that God is in Heaven and Man is on Earth, which is a manifestation of God’s Creation. As an expression of God’s Will mankind is His agent, and expected to cause God’s Will to be expressed on Earth.

The subtle, yet powerful understanding of cause and effect is vital! The attempt of man to explain Manifestation (effect) without Cause is Atheism and other godless philosophies that tend to dwell within circular logic that leads nowhere. This is still evident today as people and movements “Worship” the creation but not the Creator.

To Be Continued In Part 4