An Interpretation Of The Lord’s Prayer part 4

Published January 10, 2018


Continued from part 3

In the Bible and other sacred text, the “name” of anything meant the essential character or nature of the thing. So when we are told about the “name” of God we are being given insight into His “nature” and Character.

When Jesus says that the Creators “name” is Hallowed he is illustrating God’s Nature. The word hallowed in English shares the same meaning as “whole” and “holy”. In other words God’s Nature is wholesome, complete, holy, or hallowed. His Character is Perfect Goodness and Harmony. He does not create chaos, sickness, accidents, or confusion.

This was a key point for Jesus to teach because people then and since sometimes associate hereditary illness, terrible accidents, sickness, troubles, and early death with God’s Will. Those people who think like that only give power to a darkness they do not understand. Jesus stresses with these four words that God’s Nature is HOLY, and always brings forth wholeness, health, Goodness and Light.

Continued in part 5