Published January 15, 2018

Thy Kingdom Come,Thy Will Be Done On Earth as it is in Heaven

With these phrases Jesus further develops the relationship between the Creator and the Created Man. The un-manifested and invisible Will of God is to be manifested, or expressed (pressed out), throughout the creation through Human Beings.

The Creator God has individualized Himself into an infinite number of human consciences. This is only possible in the spiritual plane of existence. God’s Will is to be expressed through individuals that are distinct and different from each other, but not separate from each other or Him. It’s not required for our 3 dimensional minds to completely comprehend this, but if we become properly aligned with the Divine Consciousness we will naturally express Gods’ Will, through thought, word, and deed.

Our ultimate purpose is to live intuitively and grow from the Eternal Light of God, as all life on Earth does from the Sun. The light from the Sun is manifested in innumerable lifeforms. Each is distinct and different  yet all are expressions of sunlight.

Our restless and discontented nature should  prove to us that we are incomplete as self-fulfilling beings. Too much is never enough, for we always remain unsatisfied!  The more we desire to serve self the more disappointment, drama, and dis-ease we project into this world!  

Our purpose is to bring our will, as soon as we awaken to our true condition, into conformity with the Will of God, by prayer, meditation, and patient watchfulness.  This is the formula for seeing the Peace of Heaven expressed on Earth.

To be continued in part 6A