Published January 28, 2018

Continued from 6A

This realization is the key. God, our Heavenly Father, is always the Source. If we think of one particular job or business as our “source” of income we miss the point, and become fearful and despondent when we suffer a loss of income.

With the understanding that there is a Divine Source for our income, we have only to be patient and clear-eyed to discern the next avenue of supply. It could be a better position or a temporary situation, but we will stay calm trusting that our needs will be met.

Sincere prayer is a powerful aid in helping us become centered. Regular and quiet prayers work to still the anxious mind. 

Bread as food is also symbolic of our experience of God. Eating food must be done for oneself. In like manner, the realization of and communion with the Presence of God, is a singular encounter meant for each person. The partaking of the Divines’ Spiritual Food will nourish us daily. This is the only way we can share in the Life of the Living God, because His Presence is only in The Present.

To be continued in part 7A