Published March 3, 2018


We are all victims of some type of abuse. That truth is self-evident if you take a moment to think about it. Even before we become willing victims of self-abuse, we are subject to and conditioned by the abuse of our childhood, whether it was good or bad; and by our culture, whether it was good or bad.

In modern times victim-hood has become a status symbol and even a desired position. Writers down through the ages have fed on and encouraged stories of victimization, it’s tragedies of suffering and triumphs of escape. Cheap novels, plays, motion pictures, and history itself is about victims and victors.

My concern today is for the willing, but unconscious victims that we all are. Yes, willing but unconscious. That is the state we are born into, and that most of us live our lives in. We are “willing” because we welcome blindness, as temptations lead us into slavery to strange passions. Eventually our passions become our poisons! Then we obey temptation again for escape.

It is because we are spiritually “unconscious” of our inner selves and the “war” within us, that we remain in bondage to the things we thought would make us feel good. So we are victims! Tricked and then trapped into a world that praises the virtues of excess, yet never delivers on the promise of satisfaction. Too much is never enough! Fast or slow we wither and die wanting more – or we begin to wake up!

The pain of life is there to awaken us to our painful condition, without self-awareness as our goal. Spiritual Awareness is the “key” to understanding why you are a victim of life’s circumstances! Even if you have been an apparent “winner” at life, you are dying on the inside, without a connection to life’s true purpose of self-awareness, and spiritual growth.

Stop being a victim. Stop using victims. Learning to Be Still internally, and with the right intent, will show you the war between your ego and your true self. This awareness will change your life, and it can save your life and liberate you from victim hood! Fear Not, there is a Way To Be. The clues are everywhere. Learn to Be Still and don’t trust the voice in your head, or what anyone else tells you about God. Trust the God you meet in your stillness! No sounds or words to hear. Just a silent knowing, that will gently help you rise above the raging voices in your head, and find Peace.