Published April 29, 2018


Any thought that we allow to become habitual will eventually find expression in some form.

┬áThe Master Truth that Jesus, and enlightened teachers share, is that what we think in our heart is what really matters. If we covet another persons property, we are in essence a thief, even if we never take the object. If we lust after someone’s spouse we are committing adultery, even if we don’t express that urge openly. To hate anyone for any reason, is to express murder in our heart.

We use our words to conceal our true thoughts. Anger, jealousy, vengeance, and all the other negative impulses that we mentally entertain as fantasies, reveal the corruption of our minds. Evil is seldom talked about anymore. Scientific sounding psychological terms are used to explain the dark side of the mind.

SIN is corrupted thinking, and EVIL is the resulting expression of those thoughts!

Evil is Live spelled backwards, and until we learn to see the dark side of ourselves, and yearn for a way out of that mental matrix, we are living life backwards!

There is a Way to stop being a victim of the war within our mind. Learning to see the dark emotions that work on us, and within us, is the first step towards becoming honest about the fantasies we indulge, in the theater of our mind.

Be Still and learn to watch the ceremonies in your thinking. Watch and Pray. Watch and wait until the evil impulse weakens, and then let go. Be honest with yourself. Trust the Light that shows you the dark motives that animate your thoughts.

The interior honesty we embrace about our conflicted nature, brings light into our relationships that can heal. Understanding that all our fellow humans are “walking wounded” victims of the same war, helps us find compassion. We will be learning to deal perfectly with imperfect people! And overtime, they can be freed from their mind altering addictions, when they see our non-judgmental awareness of their plight, and the blessed example we represent of someone overcoming the dark side of the mind.