Why Prayer & Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (Part One)

Published May 6, 2018

Why Prayer & Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life

Wise words once stated that “Birds fly, fish swim, and man prays.” That pretty much sums up the outreach of humanity for a guiding principle, in every culture that has ever existed on Earth. Man prays!

As often as some sciences and philosophies insist that humans are highly evolved animals, and nothing more, there’s been a persistent quest to discover another origin of our species.

If in the beginning there was  nothing, and then suddenly, from some cosmic pressure that is unimaginable, a Big Bang occurred that formed the firmament of the universe we see, where does that lead us? Perhaps, after countless eons and the slow cooling of this planet, microscopic life began in the warm nutrient packed waters? Over more time, the rocks beside the waters slowly turned into meat, and some developed gills and others lungs to breathe the oxygen laden atmosphere in the sea and the air?

   Then maybe through a chaotic system of unnatural selection the evolving forms of meat became animals and birds. Some evolved cold-blooded circulation and others were warm-blooded. Reproduction would explode in the lush jungles and forests. Life appeared everywhere and growth knew no limits. Huge beasts that could devour their own weight in vegetation dominated until a meat-eating predatory strain of animals emerged. All of those dinosaurs eventually became extinct as their decaying bones testify. Even uncontrolled growth has its limits!

Then the story turns to human like animals that were able to move up the food chain once the dinosaurs died and men came out from hiding in their caves. Walking erect and developing an oppose-able thumb set humans a bit apart. It wasn’t long before man began to eat the animals that ate the plants, once they invented weapons to hunt with. Of course, those weapons were also used to take food from others.

Humans invented speech to coördinate hunting/gathering parties and formed tribes and cultures. That’s a short version of unintelligent design called evolution.


To Be Continued in part two