Published May 12, 2018


Our Mother’s are the first people we bond with and love. If they were our birth Mother, we already had a special bond before our eyes met, as our hearts and breath were one for a time.

Adoptive Mother’s, Step-Mothers, Foster Moms, and Surrogate Moms all qualify as first responders, to the demanding needs of a young life.

One size of Motherhood doesn’t fit all, yet there are more wonderful things that they share than not. A Mom’s kiss and hug will heal almost any childhood wound, and her smile is like a standing ovation, when we¬† please her.

The music of our Mother’s laughter at one of our antics, or her playful teasing, are joyous memories that we never lose.

A Mother’s tears, though infrequent, could break our heart, and make us strive never to be the cause of her pain.

So it is fitting that all Mother’s are thanked, or remembered and honored, on a special day. They made more sacrifices than we could ever know, to help us be our best selves.

Being part heaven, and part earth they weren’t perfect, but they always did the best they knew how. That’s why they are never far from our thoughts. We always want our Mother to be pleased with who we are, because she always believed we were special! That’s what makes Mother’s so special every day.