Published May 15, 2018


Love is probably the most overused word in the English language. We use it like seasoning in our daily communication. We use the word love profoundly or flippantly, with emotional reverence or with humorous outbursts. We love people, places, things, teams, events, food, feelings and the list goes on.

The problem is that we only have the one word, love, that we overwork trying to have it explain our deepest feelings about God, a spouse, a child, and a flavor of ice cream. It’s understandable then that a word that diluted can become polluted. A word that should be full of meaning becomes almost meaningless in a culture that is too busy to care.

The ancient Greeks had different words for the distinct aspects of the “feeling” called love.

1. Eros, represented sexual passion.

2. Philia, was for valued friendships.

3. Ludus, was used for the affection children feel towards each other.

4. Agape, was a selfless love. This love was extended to anyone, whether family members or total strangers!

There were other forms of love that had a distinct name but these four illustrate the point that it’s too bad a word that is meant to be important should become so trivialized by thoughtless overuse.

Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, pray for those that spitefully use you, and persecute you; so that you will be seen as the children of your Heavenly Father, who is Love.

JESUS completely and absolutely overturned the concept of love when He taught people the divine principle of Love. All of the customs, codes, and laws established to help humans live together with order and justice where exposed as insufficient for people to reach their potential goodness!

Right reaction is the supreme art of life, and Jesus understood this when He taught us to “Resent not evil” and “Resist not evil”. He knew that when properly understood not resenting or hating anyone or anything was the golden key to liberate our soul from corruption, and remake our life.

GOD is LOVE and Love is GOD.

Human love is not good enough, but it’s all we have until we see, through the tears of life, that there is a Higher Love that surrounds us and reminds us what Jesus taught to help us free our minds from anger and evil.

Love your enemy means do not hate those that oppose you. Not hating is the first step towards corrective love.

This teaches us Patience with ourselves and how to deal perfectly with the imperfect people who are unconscious to their own enslavement to resentment and rage.

True Love changes the World you See, because it changes the Way you See the World.