Published May 23, 2018


Our society is addicted to outrage, and the latest outrages are school shootings and the opioid crisis. Both of these are serious topics and require intelligent insight and opinions. I watch the network newscasts religiously, but I’m usually disappointed with what I hear.

I’ve written tweets and blogs about why kids hate schools and why kids are killing each other. The media and others often seem clueless about the causes, BUT they have a solution to school shootings – fewer guns!

When it comes to the Opioids Crisis, the same fuzzy logic law makers, attack the pharmaceutical industry for over-producing the pills they once demanded as the answer for anxiety!

So the powers that be assemble a panel of “Experts” to asses the situations and add to the confusion, or rather clear up the confusion. The experts are from law enforcement, law makers, mental health professionals, social workers, and maybe a school administrator and a parent, but no clergy. No Clergy?

All God based religions practiced in America teach self-discipline and a code of morality that is to govern human behavior. When our culture had a strong Judeo-Christian ethic it was easier to correct bad behavior. Those that wanted to live outside moral boundaries usually did so in secret. Now they can become grand marshals of the “freak parade” and become rich and famous!

There is an argument to be made that as we’ve become more secular our society has become coarser and mean-spirited. This has happened for the last 20 years or more. The value of life is discounted every day with each youthful gang slaying, and every lawful abortion. How can a society claim that only certain premeditated crimes are HATE CRIMES?

My point here is that there used to be a place for God at the table of experts with solutions. As a troubled youth myself ages ago, I remember watching panel discussions that would include a minister, priest, and rabbi. I still believe that good religion is also good psychology! We don’t need to “put God” back in the schools, but back in the home might be a good place.

I wrote Finding Heaven In The Dark because of how thankful I was that I discovered how out of balance I was without the spiritual and moral maturity I needed to become a good citizen and a better person. There is a Divine Intelligence that we can all discover as a moral compass and guide to a blessed life, but as our toxic culture grows, virtuous behavior, self-discipline, and excellence in all we do, is not encouraged. Leaving an acknowledgement of God out of the conversation of causes and solutions is short-sighted, and dooms the solutions to failure.