Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (part two)

Published May 28, 2018

Continued from part 1 https://www.findingheaveninthedark.com/blog/2018/05/06/why-prayer-meditation-are-a-search-for-intelligent-life-part-one/

Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (part two)

If we set aside “Blind Force”, the “unintelligent design” theory of evolution for the creation of the universe, we can reason together about “Intelligent Design” as the Creative Force responsible for the manifested World we are a part of.

Human cultures know, whether by primitive instinct or spiritual intuition, that we are partakers and witnesses of an orderly World of interconnected symbiotic systems. Every living species serves the species above it and the one below it, and together they serve the whole. The rhythms of life – birth, degeneration, death, and regeneration are shared with each species prime directive of self-preservation. That makes the cycle of life powerful and perpetual.

 The Life Force above all Creation is a Living Mystery called by many names. This Divine Impulse is a Living Principle of Being that we often call GOD. GOD has implanted within the Human Species a “passive consciousness” of His Divine Nature. One aspect of this spiritual connection is Intuition, and the other is Conscience.

Intuition is a special insight, or spiritual “vision” that can aid us without thinking or reasoning.

Conscience is a moral compass that can aid in correcting errors in living.

I call these implanted attributes “passive” because their promptings are easily ignored as we develop and grow as humans. We come into the World as infants, and then the World comes into us as children, molded by our family, tribe, and culture. Over time some struggle over becoming a conformist or a rebel, because there is no other option that they are aware of.

Life view confusion is a spiritual condition every person inherits at birth. Each child’s identity at birth, is altered by external circumstances. We each responds differently to changing conditions, and a personality develops, to meet the challenges of our interactions, with the World. This personality or persona, is not our authentic self, but a representation. During adolescence this process occurs naturally and without detection. The persona continues to grow because it is motivated by EGO, the part of us that craves self-esteem. Immediately the individual is out of balance as the “unreal” persona directs our life choices!

 The evidence that people are “infected” with this dis-ease, that is “anti-life”, is only self-evident to those who search for clues about their own painful life!

EVIL (which is LIVE spelled backwards), is a dynamic and opposing force, to GOOD, in the spiritual world. Just look at the World around us, and our own dark and negative impulses. What makes so many of our thoughts homicidal or suicidal? Why do most people in every nation on Earth, live in stark contrast to the Order and Beauty, of the natural World that we dwell in?

To Be Continued in part three