Published June 3, 2018

Book Review Mini-Critique

These are the opinions of your reviewer, and
although your reviewer is not an expert
literary critic or professional editor, they are
at the very least, an avid reader of books just
like yours.

Title: Finding Heaven in the Dark
Author: William L. Ingram
Genre: Non-Fiction – Memoir

Review: Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

  Finding Heaven in the Dark by William L. Ingram is the author's compelling and insightful story of personal struggle filled with nostalgia and faith in God, which makes him believe that God has a plan for everyone. Though each one of us has a different journey to undertake, it is important to submit ourselves to God to experience
His unconditional love. 

The book chronicles Ingram's journey from
being born to a black, unwed mother in 1949, the 1960s theme of race relations, political instability, assassinations, and the Vietnam War, and how they all influenced him to change his life from that of self-destruction to that of having a better meaning and purpose.

The political backdrop, coupled with spiritual transformation, makes
this memoir different and unique. It is a story of loss, redemption,
and faith and how the author’s faith in Christian meditation guides
him is interesting. 

The book is honest and I admire the author’s courage to share the dark phases of his life, his rebellious attitude, and confused state of mind with readers. His discovery of life saving and life affirming principles, and his journey of self-discovery and awakening are enlightening. 

The book will ignite the curiosity of all those who are striving to find a purpose in their lives, an inner meaning, and also to learn more about themselves and their identity. The book is detailed and descriptive and the author takes readers right into his life and the spiritual transformation undergone by him. I like his perspective on meditation; it is quite interesting yet deep at the same time.

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