Published July 15, 2018


Part 6

Continued from Part 5

   Because human nature is mutable it is easily imprinted by its environment, in natural and unnatural ways. This dynamic creates a type of holographic identity. A hologram is a 3- dimensional image formed by a light source. It has no true substance or physical properties, although the image is a true representation of its subject.

   Perhaps you’ve seen a special photograph of a person or animal, that seems to make the image move when the photo is moved slightly. That’s a holographic image and it’s a perfect illustration of how our identity changes in an instant, with only the slightest shift in perspective or circumstance.

   Let’s look at this important phenomenon a little closer. This shift or change to the identity is actually a change of persona, which is really a conditioned identity that is temporary and unreal. This persona has variations and is referred to in metaphysical terms as “the not you”.

   As time passes, events or conditions change our moods and emotions. Any emotional shift is reflected in our persona, which is actually a conditioned identity, that only lasts as long as the conditions that created it remain. This false identity will dominate us while it lives, whether it makes us happy or angry, depending on the condition that revived it. These false “identities” never die, they just morph from one state into another, almost seamlessly. Each persona seems to be our true identity during its presence, so we seldom question our mood changes.

   The point is that it only takes a little change in our attitude to alter our outlook, because we are experiencing the same event, but through two different “identities”. We are completely unaware of this. The problem is that neither “identity” was real or permanent! They are figments or holograms. They are personas that have developed secretly over years of living our ego based life. These false “selves” allow us to believe that they are us, and that they are all we have to enjoy life. They lie!


To Be Continued in Part 7