Published July 23, 2018


Part 7

Continued from Part 6

   So what does all of this identity stuff have to do with depression and suicidal thoughts?

   Having a false personality or persona doesn’t make one want to take their own life does it?

   The answer to the second questions is no. The answer to the first question is the basis of my contention, that our “identity confusion” is the cause of all our problems.

   Most people will never reach a state of emotional exhaustion that would lead them to actually end their life, but the percentages are rising in the number of those who determinedly embrace suicide as their final statement.

   Discontentment is not a bad thing. It is our duty to be discontented with anything in our life that is less than complete harmony and happiness. So being discontented is, more often than not, our default condition. It doesn’t take much, as previously noted, to change our emotional states.

   A life of fear, frustration, and discontent is asking us to change. We will never find the way to emotional serenity and purposeful living until we discover our authentic self. That part of our identity puzzle has been missing and is the “examined life” we must explore if we are sincere in our desire to embrace conscious living.

   Beware that conscious living or mindfulness, is the place we meet Reality. Reality is where the Intelligent Mystery Force called God is. This Divine Impulse and Life Force of all creation has the key to unlock our Identity and liberate us from Life View Confusion.

   I intentionally avoid using religious terminology, because I want you to suspend any prejudices you may have, pro or con such words and ideas. Please resist the temptation to judge what I am saying until this series of articles is completed.


   Wouldn’t  that be an attention grabbing headline in any major newspaper, magazine, or medical journal? If the article went on to explain how human nature was imprisoned in an emotional matrix of pride and fear that masqueraded as real life, it would make for compelling reading. We might be skeptical at first but as case studies reflected our own life encounters we might gain some amazing insights.

   Too bad this fantasy won’t happen because, LIFE VIEW CONFUSION IS WHY LIFE HURTS! And people kill themselves because the pain of living seems unbearable. If they only knew there is a Light within their own mind that can heal their broken soul, and turn the search for a pain avoiding exit from life, into  a joyful quest to fulfill the purpose of life. The clues to self-understanding and true happiness are everywhere. Let me show you where.                                     @WLIngramAuthor

To Be Continued in Part 8