Published July 29, 2018


Part 8

Continued from Part 7

Give Peace A Chance.

   Death is the end of life as we know it. With all due respect to ancient myths and some modern religious beliefs, there is no evidence that when we die we are reunited with deceased loved ones and our former pets, in paradise. That’s sort of what the Egyptian Pharaohs wanted desperately to believe. All death centered cultures share similar ideas.

   Christianity is about Life! Christianity is about Peace, Wholeness, and the Powerful potential of Human Life, as taught by a man called Jesus, the Christ. As The Christ, He is believed by many of us to embody the essence of the nature of our creator – God. Jesus didn’t want to start a new religion. He revealed the Loving Power and Perfect Potential of Human Beings when living from the Spiritual Light that unites us with our Heavenly Father. Religions using His name and His words are like shadows and images of His Truth.

Don’t judge GOD by religions, or CHRIST by Christians!

   What is Truth and how can we know it? Truth is more than facts. Truth is Reality. Truth is the ultimate, un-changeable, timeless Reality. Every Human Beings life view confusion happened, as a result, of our separation from Reality, as a constant Presence in our consciousness.

   These points are keys to understanding the simple complexities of human life. There is a place, or space within our mind, where any human soul can commune with Reality. It is there that truth, half-truths, and lies are exposed. There is no greater authority than our own connection to Reality, through personal revelation. Seeing is believing.

   Our hearts and minds are lonely hunters, searching restlessly, for we know not what. Like young cats at play, we turn small things and moving shadows into phantom adversaries. Our prideful ego hungers for amusements and distractions, between bouts of discontent and fear.We numb our minds into a gentle oblivion, to escape the pain of our conscience, which is trying to correct our slow drift towards a meaningless life and death.

   Our conscience is the Light that shines in our darkness. Our conscience is the spark of the Divine Life within us.

   Our own life journey burdens us with corruption that will poison our spirit, and drain our will to live, if we don’t experience a cleansing. Our thoughts become toxic and our perception skewed, as we try to work, think, or “party” ourselves out of depression. We become slaves to our escape mechanisms, and see our addictions consuming our life more each day. We become afraid to live, and afraid to die.

   That’s Anxiety! Anxiety is a fever in our Soul! It’s a Spiritual sickness that cannot be cured with medications or coping techniques. Anxiety is the tipping point that can lead a drifting Soul to suicide. Anxiety is a window into Hell. Trying to escape the pains of Anxiety by ending ones life, is a lie. That type of death only burdens those left with your anxiety added to their own. There is a better Way.



To be continued in Part 9