Published August 5, 2018


Part 9

Continued From Part 8

   Our fears are what make us anxious about our lives. We fear and obsess over our LACK, LOSS and LIMITATIONS!

   Our wants give us a feeling of dissatisfaction, and the fear that we LACK things to make us complete. Our fear of losing the things we value, including our dreams, shackles us with a fear of LOSS. Our fear of LIMITATION, real or imagined, can make us resent any challenge to our desires.

   Fear of Lack, Loss, and Limitation cause an emotional friction that creates Anxiety. Anxiety is often the backdrop to all our thoughts and actions. Some people use anxiety as an engine to push them to great achievements and success. Others use the darkness of anxiety the hide from life’s challenges, as they try to live as small a life as possible.

   Our shared human illness is Anxiety. Our Identity Confusion, and Life View Confusion, are energized by our Anxieties. The reality of this shared condition is self-evident, or it should be.

   Humankind’s problems begin with confusion about the Reality of our condition. Human Ego, or Pride of Life, has evolved cultures and civilizations, to nurture and condition our minds and identities. Every child is forced to conform, or rebel, against the pressures of family, tribe, culture, and society, as they mature.

   Being traumatized, commanded, and controlled from the outside, the human soul is lost in spiritual darkness. A Conditioned Identity emerges, for self-preservation, and adapts to this world, by rebelling, or conforming to outer conditions. So we now have a conflict between our “Born” or “Birth” Identity, and our “Conditioned” or “Ego” formed Identity. The conflict exist within everyone, so it seems normal, and goes virtually undetected as a problem.

  But it is a problem! It’s called the War Within, because in this world of opposites, or opposing forces, these battles become a necessary “growth ring”, in our progress towards Human Being-ness. It is a War in the sense that it is a struggle, and our anxiety is the indicator that reveals how our struggle is going. Greater anxiety means we are losing the battle, for balance and wholeness within.

   If you doubt what I am saying, bear with me a little longer. It is a natural reflex to deny that we are in conflict with ourselves. That voice in your head tells you it’s a lie. That voice whispers that you are special, lovable, and important. That voice says your arguments with yourself and your self-destructive behavior is normal. It says that it’s okay to act against your own best interest because that’s what makes you who you are. That voice is Not your friend!

   Can you see why the world looks the way it does? If all of us are following the promptings from our conditioned identity, which is “conflicted”, it is no surprise that we have trouble getting along with each other. Why else are we angry, hostile, and devious with others? Why is the only person we always forgive for bad behavior is our-self?

   Now we can see why some sensitive, yet tormented souls among us, become so unbalanced emotionally, and spiritually, that ending their life seems like the only way to end their living nightmare. Wealth, fame, and status have no power on a tortured mind. Counseling and medication can be helpful, in the short-term, but offer no real or lasting guarantees of  healing.

   What does healing look like? A Soul that is healing from the inside out, is learning to cope with the anxiety of each present moment, by allowing our “beautiful mind” to unfold from the Light of our self awareness. Patience grows, and Faith, in the Light of Understanding will teach us by Intuition, like magic.

   More Meditation and less medication will restore balance and a desire to thrive. It’s a journey I call: Finding Heaven In The Dark, and it’s the only lasting cure for anxiety, and all the other ills that human nature is heir to. Please check out the conclusion of this series in my next post.


To be Continued in Part 10

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