Published August 12, 2018


Part 10

Continued from Part 9

Who we are always speaks louder than what we say!

   The conflict between the warring aspects of our character create our anxieties and confused life view. Our “fight or flight” impulses develop our character through the successes and failures of life. Cultures, religions, and philosophies teach us to endure, and learn to overcome our depressions, doubts, and fears; but the internal conflict of this War of the Worlds, makes us all “walking wounded”.

   Whatever Saves Us, Claims Us!

   Making Pleasure, a substitute for Happiness, becomes our permanent quest to ease the pain within our broken minds. All of the obvious coping escapes like sex, drugs, and rock & roll, top a list that includes alcohol, pornography, smoking, religion, violence, politics, sports, gambling, and anything else that can be made toxic, when our selfish ego demands distractions! But whatever saves us from the Light of Reality, will claim us for its’ own Dark Designs.

   An egotistical pride of life forces some, with  resistance to authentic change, to kill themselves, and put their tortured mind to death. Lost in hopelessness, the twisted, suicidal mind welcomes the feeling of helplessness, as it prepares for the terrible ceremony of surrender to Darkness.

   We can escape the tyranny of our darkest thoughts, and the pains of a tortured life!

We can free our minds from serving us self-defeating behavior.

We can learn to Let Go of negative impulses .

We can discover the Way of Being Human.

   Whether you believe in GOD or not, if you are intellectually honest  you will admit that human life is a part of a Sacred Mystery. To seek alignment with the Creative Intelligence behind our existence promises us Identity and Security, which are the two elements we have always hungered for.

   There is no learned religious practice, or intellectual course of study, that can substitute for a personal relationship with our Creator. To see this and believe it, one must want to escape Limitation.

   Challenge the God of Life to meet you in your own consciousness! That is the Secret and Sacred Place that Jesus taught was where the Earthly Kingdom of God is.

“The kingdom of God is within you.”

   He taught that when we pray we are to enter our closet, which means to retire from thought within our own consciousness. Some call this a room without walls. There in stillness, we wait for the Presence of the Divine. As we wait we struggle, with the ego based distractions that constructed our identity, and we let them go, as we see our attachment to them. We do this gently, and with patience.

This is a silent prayer called Meditation in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Names don’t matter as much as intent. Our intention to align ourselves with God will sustain our attention and focus our awareness.

   Meditation is not what you think!  

   Meditation is the exercise that reveals your thoughts to you.

   “Be Still and Know…” is the meditation exercise that rescued me over 50 years ago, and the one I still practice every day. If you are not familiar with it: “Be still and know that I am God”, is the full quote from the Bible Book of Psalms (46:10). This verse perfectly embodies the practice of a quiet, meditative awareness, that reveals our human failings in the Light of Gods’ Love.

   In the Stillness we seek to enter we learn to:




   Each moment that we encounter a distraction from our desire to be still becomes a seed of change. Our conscious choice, to let go of our old thinking and yearn for real change, immediately alters who we are, in the present moment.

   There are two ways to learn about God’s Life. We can study the lives of others who have experienced the Divine Mystery, or we can agree to let God impress us, in the Secret Place of consciousness. While the examples of others encountering God can educate us, only our personal communion will show us the Light, and Life we wish to know.

   The horrors of suicide only seem inviting to a mind that is totally lost to its intended place and purpose in life. We are engaging in willful arrogance, and ignorance, when we think we have anything more important to do than discover who we truly are!





Be Still And Know – Complete – Roy Masters – Exercise