Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (part 3)

Published September 3, 2018

Continued from part 2 https://www.findingheaveninthedark.com/blog/2018/05/28/why-prayer-and-meditation-are-a-search-for-intelligent-life-part-two/

Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (part 3)

   Our story is not all dark and self-destructive because there is Light among Human Beings. The same seed of the Godly Nature that we all inherit is activated through patient insight and love.

   Some “Light Bearers” have been persecuted and others killed for their efforts to share their “Awakened” state  with others. Gods’ Light and Love is never diminished or opposed, but the love in the heart of humans is not perfect or powerful enough to overcome evil in this world.

   Our human mind, heart, and spirit must be aligned, with the Divine Mystery’s Purpose, to meet our potential. All man-made religions and philosophies address man’s search for divine direction. Even those opposed to belief in a Supreme Being with Divine Intelligence serve a belief system that justifies their view-point. That is their god!

   The idea that “ignorance is bliss” captures many people who defiantly cling to their rituals with music, sex, alcohol, drugs, sports, religion, politics, gaming, gambling, crime and punishment. We will do anything to avoid the fear of facing the questions that echo in the darkness of our empty lives.

What’s life all about? Why am I here? Who am I? Where am I?

   In religious terminology human beings are part heaven and part earth. That is to say that we are creatures, subject to the same natural laws that other living animals are. Yet human intelligence is so far beyond anything any other species is capable of, that it is laughable how hard learned men have labored to prove that mankind descended from apes or a common ancestor. The dominating presence and potential of human intelligence is what is meant by claiming humans are part heaven. Heaven being otherworldly.

Essentially a Supremely Intelligent Mysterious Force created all that exists, and we call that Divine Intelligence, GOD.

   If human life is the crown of creation, however that has occurred, why are we the only species that is homicidal and suicidal? Why do we live in constant conflict with ourselves, each other, and our environment?

   We cannot get away from who we are, no matter how hard and how often we try. All our strength and sometimes our entire lives are spent in a futile attempt to change our thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Our emotional webs of discontent with life is the “mother” of all our addictions. We become enslaved by our compulsions to be other than who we are. Humans are all born with this condition or “dis-ease”  that is only self-evident to those who search for answers to why life hurts.

   Born into a world of contradictions and continuously stressed by conflicts we feel guilty. Our guilt is like a dull pain in the back of our mind. It comes from ignoring our conscience, a type of spiritual compass. Anxiety begins to dominate our emotions because of the conflict between our desires. How do we control our emotions when they are the driving force behind our every thought, word, and deed?

To be continued in part 4