Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (Part 5)

Published October 5, 2018

Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (Part 5)

Continued from Part 4


   Are humans physical creatures having spiritual experiences, or are we essentially spiritual beings having physical experiences?

   There is a right answer and your answer is what reveals your direction in life. Are you moving towards the Light of Reality or away from the Light of Reality?

   We are all engaged in building our consciousness during every waking hour. We are busily building good or evil, failure or success, happiness or suffering into our life with the ideas and beliefs we accept, and the dream scenes we rehearse in the dark theater of our mind.

   This building of our spiritual consciousness is called character. The awakening of our spiritual consciousness, which is actually our willing awareness of higher spiritual principles, is what forms and nourishes our character. Our true character is always revealed by what we desire and serve. When we yearn to have goodness, love, and spiritual understanding in our life, we are willingly surrendering our ego demand for control, to a higher authority. That is the beginning of faith in the higher Principles we perceive.

   Our ego cannot see or serve anything above itself. Sensing a need to serve something higher the ego urges the imagination to feed it something to believe in. The theater of the mind influences our thoughts and produces a vast array of ideas and items for us to worship, or worry about. Then our imagination becomes the author of our confusion, not the way of escaping it.

   When we meditate properly we can see both our minds at work within us. We can spiritually stand still and observe our thoughts. This patient awareness returns “thought” to its’ proper place, as an aid to a balanced mind, and not the leader of it. Thinking must be the servant of a healthy mind, not the master of it. Conscious awareness of Reality must always be the desired goal.

   Prayerful Meditation is the catalyst to awareness, of our immortal, timeless self. It is there, in the Light of conscious contact with the world above us, that we see It’s Presence within us. That Presence within us and above us is called Heaven.

To Be Continued in Part 6