Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (Part 6)

Published November 6, 2018

Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (Part 6)

Continued from part 5


Is there a Way to Be?

   Is there a way for human beings to act without being robotic clones, but also to be in harmony with the Spiritual World, the unseen World that surrounds us, and the physical World that we inhabit?

   Are you teachable? Spiritual knowledge can be shared and taught but it cannot be learned except through experience. Spiritual understanding of life comes from within each individual. Experiential interaction with the Intelligent World above us requires interior contact through Stillness, and a sincere submission to the Reality of Its’ Presence.

   These concepts may seem strange because, sadly, many religions are bankrupt of True Spiritual understanding of the Divine Reality we call God. Some prefer religious excitement instead of authentic Spiritual experience. Other religions are prisoners of book knowledge, trapped in a maze of  verses and chapters punctuated with god talk, learned by rote.      “The letter kills, but the Spirit gives Life.”

   Living life in the Present is not easy. Living in the Now is a state we think we inhabit, so we think we are living our life in the first person. On closer examination however, we would discover that the constant narrative going on in the theater of our mind, is more fantasy than reality.

   If you are teachable you will begin to love the magic of the revealed Truth you see as your consciousness awakens to its’ true condition. Be still and know that your spirit, your soul, your immortal self is a gift of love from God – the Eternal Principle of Absolute Good, and the Creator of all that exists.

   God centered religions are valuable in explaining man’s fall from a state of Grace, a higher spiritual condition. This is in contrast to the godless, scientific philosophies that encourage man to accept the idea that he is a risen ape and not a fallen man.

   The religions that teach about the Soul of humans, and encourage spiritual awakening, that transcends our fears of lack, loss, and limitation in life, are those that are more aligned with Reality. They share the treasure of wisdom handed down to mankind that explains the war between our ego, animal self and our spiritual, immortal self. Through these teachings organized religions have kept just enough light, in the physical world to keep humanity safe from destruction.

   Christianity  reveals the living waters of Heaven – the Spiritual World above our own, that restores human beings to their relationship with God. Many souls have experienced the healing perfection of these spiritual waters, and encouraged others to go within themselves to witness the Power of the Intelligent Mystery of Our Father in Heaven.

   Jesus didn’t share his understanding of God’s Life, Love, and Purpose for humanity, to start a new religion. His life was manifested to fulfill the work of the best of the old religions, and then set humanity free, to seek God within, and then individualize His Presence, here on Earth, every moment of every day!

To Be Continued in Part 7