Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (Part 7)

Published November 18, 2018

Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (Part 7)

Continued From Part 6 https://www.findingheaveninthedark.com/blog/2018/11/06/why-prayer-and-meditation-are-a-search-for-intelligent-life-part-6/

Doing Hard Time On Planet Earth!

   What have we reasoned together so far?

   That Human life is unique among all life on this planet. Indeed to go even further, it seems that this planet is singularly unique among the countless billions of stars, solar systems, and galaxies in the entire known universe! Therefore it becomes self-evident that the existence of Human life on this unique planet is not an accident. This entire universe is perfect and precise – laws and order. It is ridiculous to believe that what we now witness, is the result of “blind forces” capable of transforming chaos into order, instead of a Divine Intelligence expressing genius through a glorious Creation.

   We have also reasoned that Human Beings are a species that is conflicted about their own nature because of invisible forces that seem to move in, and around them. This condition is also clear in every human culture that has descended from every civilization.

   The Human mind is the most marvelous and the most dangerous element in every society, because the Human mind has been corrupted and converted from its original place and purpose.

   We have also concluded that “life view confusion” has encouraged spiritually sensitive Humans to look at their life, and search for the higher consciousness and purpose, that they intuitively know exists. Understanding it to be a search for the Divine Mystery we call God, we seek the Creator of our intelligence and life, believing ourselves to be expressions of His Life and Light.  Religions are ideas about man’s search for God.

   Next we realized that the internal conflicts we are imprisoned by are what separates us from a loving, constant contact, with our Creator – our Father, and the ultimate purpose for our life.

   If you’ve followed my reasoning thus far it may also be self-evident that the cause of our internal conflicts is ego. The human ego is the source of pride that feeds all our emotions, and emotion is the mother of all our addictions.

   The pain of life, caused by our addiction to prideful emotions, conflicts us when we transgress against our conscience, which is the evidence of a higher knowledge. Our conscience, which literally means, “with knowing”, is a wordless knowledge that reveals error by the Light of Divine Presence. Our pride in our ego life, moves our soul away from the Light of the Higher Intelligence, and closer to the darkness that doubts God, so we can believe in our self as God.

   Our struggles with life on a daily basis are the only thing that can remind us that there is no peace apart from God and the Divine Purpose that we were created for. The best religions, spiritual knowledge, and philosophical lessons are only evidence that a Superior Intelligence exists. An experiential relationship with that Divine Intelligence is required for personal knowledge and understanding to begin.

To Be Continued in Part 8