Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (Part 8)

Published November 23, 2018

Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (Part 8)

Continued From Part  7 https://www.findingheaveninthedark.com/blog/2018/11/18/why-prayer-and-meditation-are-a-search-for-intelligent-life-part-7/


How can we be 2 places at once, when we aren’t anywhere at all?

   Of course it’s impossible for us to be two places at once in the physical world, or in the spiritual world. We are reminded of the famous words of Jesus, that a person cannot serve 2 masters, because they will love one and hate the other. However, it doesn’t stop us from trying to defy these laws. These insights clearly show our human dilemma!

   Every human child born comes into the world with two personal powers – Time and Attention. In our developing years these two powers are dominated by family, conditions, and culture. But there comes a time when WE DECIDE where we place our Time and Attention. However, the invisible cause of conditioning has become an integrated part of our Mindset. We proudly make our choices based on experience guided by conditioning. This is the Hypnosis of Life, and we inherit our service to It. In the language of Christianity this inherited conditioning is called “being born in SIN”! Simply stated, “SIN” is incorrect thinking and actions that are not aligned with Divine Perfection.

   Remember when our Bible classes taught us that to “Sin” was to “miss the mark”? Well here it is revisited but hopefully with a more insightful take. You see the human soul is born, not between two worlds, but among two opposing forces that are entangled with every aspect of life. The first Human Beings had the only clear choice between choosing the “Knowledge” of these two forces – Good & Evil – or remaining obedient to their Creators instructions not to indulge. They doubted God’s warning and chose to disobey.

   Whether allegory or historical, the story of Adam and Eve, as the first Humans, is loaded with meaning and intelligence. The powerful symbolism that represents the anxiety ridden, conditioned mind that humans grapple with; and the promise of atonement with the Creator God, that religions and spiritual intuition teaches, is still being played out daily in our lives. But not as it was in the proverbial Garden of Eden, because the original choice, of obedience versus “independence”, was used up by that first couple. All later generations have inherited a mindset believing ourselves to be “free and independent” (EGO); but actually entrapped by our own prideful, myopic, and illusory life view.

   EGO – The spirit of a human, that pridefully denies the Spirit of Truth ( GOD), for the illusion of Being that Truth.

   We must live a Lie, to satisfy our ego craving for the illusion of  self-hood! Our lives hurt when we are unloving, anxious, frustrated, and mean-spirited people who don’t get our way. We want, what we want, when we want it!

   Realizing this, when the PAIN of our lives screams at us to discover why we hurt, we might become Teachable, and Willing to LET GO of our belief in our own power to control our lives.

   Waking Up on the inside begins, when we realize how corrupted we are by a matrix of Emotions and Illusions. Tearfully seeing our helplessness to effect any real change in our conditioning, we can Willingly Let Go, of our selfish pride and ambition to believe in ourselves, as separate from GOD. That sincere action would be a Prayer to GOD, to help us find The WAY to PEACE, through atonement – (at-one-ment) – with Him.

To Be Continued In Part 9