Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (Part 9)

Published December 2, 2018

Why Prayer and Meditation Are A Search For Intelligent Life (Part 9)

Continued From Part 8  https://www.findingheaveninthedark.com/blog/2018/11/23/why-prayer-and-meditation-are-a-search-for-intelligent-life-part-8/


  Perhaps you have noticed that I try scrupulously to avoid what I call “God Talk”. What I mean by that term is the all too familiar language of religious preachers and teachers, as well as many believers, who use particular words and phrases to share ideas and beliefs about God; the Divine Intelligence we believe is the Creator and Sustaining Force of all that exist.

   My concern is not that their words are wrong, but that they are misguided in their belief that teaching “truths”, with the use of repetitive phrases, is a Godly way for humans to learn. I couldn’t disagree more! I’ll have more to say about “God Talk” in a future post.

   Although there is great value in rote learning of certain facts and other essential knowledge, human beings are best developed through intuition and inspiration. These two portals are spiritual and work independent of the brain and its intellect, which are easily corrupted by our prideful egos. This is a very important distinction in the way humans should learn and grow.

   Humans are creatures that are thirsty for knowledge and understanding. Every human child born absorbs massive amounts of knowledge about their environment and changing life conditions. Most of this intelligence is processed through the brain, while the mind is being developed through conditioned reflex and responses to life.

   Language is the powerful connective factor between thought and image. Language can enslave or liberate the mind, therefore an objective or neutral place of observation is paramount to approach Reality’s Nature of Absolute Truth.

   As I have stated in several different ways, the purpose of each human life is to wonder, and to search, for the purpose of that life. That being understood, a searching Souls goal is to find a perspective or “place” where it can experience objectivity. This is accomplished best through the power of stillness.

   Intuition teaches us that there are two simple approaches to contact the Divine Intelligence above our consciousness.

   Prayer is an active action where a sincere supplicant reaches spiritually and perhaps, verbally, toward that Intelligence – God.

Meditation is a passive, non-verbal technique that stills the soul, quiets the mind, and waits patiently for contact with God. Each practice has its’ place and purpose, but the determining factor is always the inclination of the soul of the seeker.

   There is beauty and pain in the stilling of the soul, because our minds are restless and resist being starved of the stimuli of imagination and temptation. Our conscious mind must become still before the subconscious can be impressed by it. The compulsive, thinking consciousness of humans, cannot be still until it becomes aware of its restless ambitious nature, and repents of its selfish desires. As our soul and mind let go of imagination and become committed to seeing Reality by the Light of It’s Presence, we begin being bonded to our conscience, our moral compass.

   The meditation exercise that I speak of and encourage is the one I learned over 50 years ago, as mentioned in my memoir; Finding Heaven In The Dark ( https://www.findingheaveninthedark.com/book.php ) and still practice to this day. It is a concentration exercise that gently starves the imagination over time, and gradually frees the mind to realize Reality!

   This meditation/concentration exercise, referred to as “Be Still and Know” (as in Psalm 46:10), helps the practitioner separate their souls’ awareness, from the compulsive dream stuff of their mind. Then is achieved the ability to perceive clearly and act confidently, toward what we know is right in our heart, by the Light of awareness.

   The Foundation of Human Understanding’s founder, Roy Masters, is the guiding force behind this amazingly simple and spiritually profound Meditation/Concentration Exercise. I encourage anyone who has read this series to this point to explore the “Be Still and Know” Meditation in one of its forms as offered by the FHU. https://www.fhu.com/

To Be Continued in Part 10