NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS?Make the only one that really matters!

Published January 1, 2019
Spiritual perception creates Altitude

Can you imagine what the reaction would be if one of our famous celebrities or news anchors made a public pronouncement about their New Year Resolution that was totally different from the usual safe and pledges to lose weight, work less, play more, or spend more time with loved ones?

Imagine the TV camera turns over to our famous personality during a pleasant exchange of New year Resolutions with other celebs when they say :

“I want to be more Christlike throughout each day of this year and the rest of my life.”

The stunned silence would be deafening! Some of the guest would actually have to stifle a laugh as they glanced out of the corner of their eyes to see the reactions of the others! The impulse to laugh or snicker might be the most honest and the most terrifying. That kind of pronouncement is just not the type of thing where people jump up and give each other high fives. In a secular setting like a TV news show or entertainment program you aren’t going to hear a chorus of “Amen” either!

The point is that it would be shocking to watch and hear someone actually state calmly and sincerely that they were going to dedicate each day of the New Year to living more like Jesus Christ. I don’t mean a noted evangelist or religious politician or actor making such a statement. Just think for a few moments of the faces that you see during any few hours of TV watching and try to imagine your own reaction to someone you liked or admired for their entertainment value to you, suddenly coming out with such a statement that blew everybody away with it’s power and simplicity.

“I want to be a better person. I need to be a better person. I want to live a more Christlike life.”

The sad truth is that anyone making such a public statement would seem strange to us. Remember we’re not talking about a Tim Tebow or other well known Born Again Christian.

In Reality there is no better resolution that anyone can make and that’s what I tweeted today. Jan.1,2019

The only New Year resolution that will make your world better, and the one that would improve the entire world if just 10% committed to it, is to become more Christlike with every breath, thought, word, and deed!

What do you believe?