“Engaging The Culture” Doesn’t Work Well Because Christian Beliefs Are Confusing.

Published January 12, 2019

I love this topic because this is what a good portion of my memoir is about! The problem, if you want to call it that, is that True Christianity is doing just fine. By that I mean the “organism” or actual Spiritual Body of Christs followers is flourishing and invisible to our eyes.

The “Christian” organization, “the Church”, has a vital and legitimate role to play in spreading Christs message, but what we call Christianity became Church-i-an-ity soon after the last of the original Apostles died. The secular world absorbed the Church over time and church dogma splintered the church into competing organizations and denominations, for command and control of the faithful. The Reformation helped heal some of the fractures but the East vs. West mystical and theological divides remain.

As I stated earlier this is no accident, and as others are aware this was foretold by Christ and others. The real Anti-Christ is not an outside entity necessarily, but more likely wealthy and popular Mega Churches and denominations that actually are feeding their flocks hollow and confusing doctrines. This produces hypocrites, (hypno-Christians) who are hypnotized and robotic as followers who might have good hearts and good intentions, but no authentic spiritual insight or fearless confidence, to intelligently and tactfully oppose godless secular ideas, without the same old tired phrases like; “the Bible says it and I believe it!” or “I know where I’m spending eternity,do you?” That type of narrow minded indoctrination speak is what has made the decaying culture around us see the “Christian Church” as just another set of mumbo-jumbo believers in a religion that doesn’t truly change lives, just the words they use!

In the 1970’s I had a series of discussions with a Born Again Christian who challenged my changing view of the Christian experience. That chapter in my book is titled “An Invitation To Openness” and the book is: Finding Heaven In The Dark- See page 222 -233 (https://www.findingheaveninthedark.com/)

That argument is just as topical today!

This topic is very important. There are many good and loving people hungry for The Way that Jesus revealed to All humanity. It is not in today’s Church’s, Temple’s, Mosques’ or other man made religions. They all serve a purpose, because Our Heavenly Father’s Word can not be made void. Some of the organized religions, and especially the Christian Churches teach the basic Truths. But they teach the Truth and learn the words, but totally miss the “Music” or “Spirit” of Christ because they are still ego based and word focused. They worship the knowledge of Good without the experience of Good. 

They cannot be convincing disciples of the Living Word to a lost world because they are also dominated by the ego mind and the printed word!

It is hard to convince unbelievers that God and Jesus are Alive when your life is just a set of rules, laws, and attitudes. Remember that the Letter kills, but the Spirit of God gives Life! 

We have to learn to find and practice the Presence of God by getting above our own compulsive thinking!

During the practice of Godly Meditation, the Stillness creates a neutral zone to help us change THE WAY we see the World without the hatred and anger to change the World we see. In the Stillness we see our anxious mind by God’s Light and are humbled, and brought to Repentance, if we have a sincere desire to be a better person. Letting go of our angers and fears we perceive that we have been forgiven and we share that blessing, of non-judgemental discernment, with all things in our past and present.

The fruit of Repentance is Forgiveness.

The Gospel ( Good News ), is alive and well,  but only sincere people who aren’t afraid to question what they Think they Know will find the clues that lead to Inner Peace and the Joy that brings more Light than Heat to any situation in their life. Thank God the clues are everywhere! Learn To Be Still and Seek To Know the Truth.