Finding Heaven in the Dark

Published February 10, 2019


Life is beautiful and perfect. We are surrounded by intelligence
and excellence at every level of existence, and yet throughout
history, mankind has suffered. Why is human life such a puzzling

All of the philosophies and religions throughout the ages
endeavor to explain what mankind is. The answers are everywhere,
and so are the clues. If we only knew that the purpose of this life is
to seek the purpose of this life, we would experience the joy of solving
life’s mystery and fulfilling its purpose.

The trials of my early life were mixed blessings. A confused life
view, weak character, and bad choices trapped me in a world of secret
pain and dark imagination. I was a quiet rebel without a cause,
blindly searching for a real purpose to life that no one else shared.

My secret rage fostered a rejection of responsibility. I deserted
the US Marine Corps for a cross-country trek to oblivion. I was a
black, seventeen-year-old fugitive in a Los Angeles, skid-row rescue
mission when I began discovering the true purpose of life.

The God and Savior that I blindly accepted as an adolescent,
slowly and gently became real to me, as I embarked on a journey of
self-discovery. The challenges of living a secret life of lies and
unfolding inwardly to the truth of myself is my story.

I am not the hero of my story, but I am a willing and joyful participant.
I learned and believe that God’s Life is always trying to give
us happiness, which we reject and settle for pleasures.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ challenged me to discover what we
are as human beings and who I was as an individual. As I learned
how to “be still and know” I found my true identity.
Loving the gift of awareness through a Judeo-Christian Meditation
I learned 50 years ago, has blessed my life in ways that continue
to this day.