The Conscience Within by Roy Masters – part 2 of 4

Published May 25, 2019

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The Conscience Within by Roy Masters

part 2 of 4

The sense of who you are that is coming from the world, supported by the world, the love of the world (as the scripture says) makes you an enemy of God and your conscience. you are only serving your ego, you see, when you are puffing up and looking great in the image of yourself that you have collected from the environment. You are trying to be right in a wrong way, and it will never work.

Why don’t we understand ourselves? With all thy getting, get understanding about yourself; but we don’t understand ourselves. We don’t understand the forces that move us and shake us. They are very deep forces, not what you think they are, not your intellect, but something deeply buried in your psyche that moves you and controls you.

And you think that force is you. The alcoholic or the drug addict thinks he or she is doing what he or she wants to do. The same with smokers. How often do you hear, I can stop smoking any time I want to, but I don’t want to–it’s me.” You think of every want you have as coming from your own desire, but any good salesman can make you want something, along with making you think that it’s you who wants it. Then, the morning after the night before, you wonder “What am I doing with this?” Einstein said that a man can will what he wants, but not what he wills.

Your house is full of junk you don’t need, but thought you needed at the time of purchase. Where did all this stuff come from? Your life can be ruined simply by needing people, and getting married to them. You think you love them, but later you find yourself trapped by some kind of monster. It happens all the time. My goal is to show you why these things happen.

Take the opinions of others, for instance, the way you enslave yourself in order to get a good opinion of yourself nurtured and reinforced by your servitude. All your efforts to this end result in conflict. Even though you’re kind to the poor, a loving mother or father, you may even say to yourself that you’re loving too much. Well, let me tell you that if you love at all, you can’t do it too much. Real love always knows how far to go. If you’re “loving” too much, it is not love at all, but a kind of compulsion to find sustenance for a good image of yourself, and you can become a slave to the process.

No matter how good and kind you are, it’s never going to be enough. And the people you are enslaving yourself to for the sake of that image will always take advantage of your servility. you’ll spoil them rotten. That’s what you do, and you end up being terribly hurt. And as a result of being terribly hurt, you become terribly angry. There’s your problem right there. part 1

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