Mindfulness – Food for the mind

Published July 14, 2019

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Right mindfulness involves bringing one’s awareness back (i.e. from the past or the future) into the present moment. By residing more frequently in the present moment, practitioners begin to see both inner and outer aspects of reality. Internally, one sees that the mind is continually chattering with commentary or judgment. By noticing that the mind is continually making commentary, one has the ability to carefully observe those thoughts, seeing them for what they are without aversion or judgement. Those practicing mindfulness realize that “thoughts are just thoughts”. One is free to release a thought (“let it go”) when one realizes that the thought may not be concrete reality or absolute truth. Thus, one is free to observe life without getting caught in the commentary.

Food for the mind
“Every single thing that you are feeding your mind, is contributing to your constant evolution process. Be highly mindful about which thoughts are palatable and which are not. Emotionally invest only in the progressive ones.”

Bryant Judson Kusy
Garbage in garbage out. Isn’t it mind boggling how we feed our minds poor movies, low grade pop music, crap TV, constant social media checking (distractions) and wonder why we’re so scatter brained and ungrounded? There are inspiring heroes all around us, but we watch the network news…

Alok Taunk
Yes Bryant, bang on ! We are mindlessly feeding the evil wolf within us & then we get surprised if it strongly stands in front of us! Most of us are mindful about what to feed our stomach but we all are mindless about what to feed our mind !

William L. Ingram
The key factor is to practice a meditation / prayer that creates an objective environment where we can observe our compulsive thinking as it occurs. That is where we can learn to Be Still and See our addiction to such thoughts. This is where we can develop the power to change our response to negative thinking! Ones mind must be willing to submit to the Wordless Light in these moments for the mind to rise above this incessant mental noise, and discover a moral compass that brings understanding and order out of chaos.” Be Still & Know” is Real! @WLIngramAuthor