Published August 4, 2019


During the afternoon broadcast, he took calls. Masters spoke to
a distressed caller and cut right through the caller’s emotionalism. He
displayed keen insight for framing the real problem. With the skill of
a psychic surgeon and man of God, he exposed the caller to part of
himself that he did not know he had. He asked if the caller was meditating
and offered to send his recording, How Your Mind Can Keep
You Well, for whatever he could afford (or free of charge) with no
obligation. This offer was amazing!

As the conversation continued, Masters stressed that meditation
would help the caller achieve the ability to be objective regarding
problems. Thus, he would seek the deeper causes and discover real
solutions. Masters spoke kindly, but firmly. The alert caller
responded with tearful enthusiasm. I scribbled the address of the
foundation on an envelope and recited a silent prayer that mediation
was the answer I yearned for.

I listened to every program over the following days and became
convinced that this man had something to offer that I desperately
needed. I liked where he was coming from. However, Roy Masters
was a very controversial figure in the area. His iconoclastic approach
to traditional religion was maddening to most of the other radio
preachers. Some ministers on the same station consorted to have
Masters censored or removed from the air. However, the firebrand
that he was, Masters trusted in the power of his message and behind
his message to ensure he remained on the air.

Masters insisted that he wasn’t opposed to the teachings of the
other radio ministries. He simply wanted to restore an important bit
of understanding to modern Christianity. Masters’ contention was
that modern Christianity was more “Churchianity.” On the subject
of the born-again experience, he criticized those believers who
devoutly memorized chapters and verses of the Bible and proclaimed
to assimilate the spirit of God. Masters claimed that the
vast majority of Christian believers were taught the words, without
the music. These insights were powerful and greatly resonated
within me!

AUTHORS NOTE: I am still delighted at my recollection of this period of my conversion to the “Stillness” principle of Christianity. This was my introduction to deep insights into the human mind and the gentle strength of a man whose insights I was anxious to hear and learn! Below is a link to the website that could change your life for the better. PEACE.

“BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM………..” Psalm 46:10