Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome – Everyone Has It – by Roy Masters – part 2

Published September 4, 2019

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome – Everyone Has It

by Roy Masters

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Because we all harbor subtle variations of post-traumatic stress syndrome, the cure requires an awakening. There is plenty of evidence of buried hostilities long before a serious problem strikes. As small things begin to irritate, you burn off some of the frustration by taking it out on others, by working hard, or talking to people in your head in an endless loop of tape in your mind, that sort of thing. Little problems come and go, but the conditioned reflex sensitivity to stress piles up.

Daily frustrations set the stage for that big event, perhaps a serious traffic accident, or the tormenting thoughts of love betrayed. At this point, the shock becomes overwhelming; causing you to become completely fixated, obsessed with thoughts towards the love/hate object. When no relief comes from the usual over-the-counter remedies, psychotherapy or medicine, you are on your own with no one to help. As you will see, not only can no one help you, people make you worse. In time, a self-inflicted vicious cycle takes its toll, bubbling up in different forms, inexplicable, mental, emotional and pathological illnesses.

To thoroughly understand and benefit from what you are reading, it might be wise to pause and see if you fit within this profile. See if you can flash on some moment in your life, when small things begot bigger ones, whence came that traumatic moment that changed you from positive to negative, from innocence to guilt, at which point life went downhill. While every person’s circumstances may vary, all symptoms and behaviors share the common root of resentment. If you will try dropping moment-by-moment annoyances, becoming more patient and not taking things so personally, the connection between the symptom and your resentments will become apparent as emotionally sustained problems disappear.

Look at what you are resentful about at this moment and see yourself compounding the unfinished business of one or more events of the recent past. Guilty as charged, means you are a victim of post-traumatic stress syndrome, or more accurately, post hypnotic stress syndrome. You need now to admit that you are out of control and making yourself ill.

All symptoms are variations of one single theme — cause becoming effect, effect becoming cause — compounding the foundation event.

Be advised therefore to endure all moments of pain and suffering patiently. If you do this well, it will become the equivalent of undoing the past in the present, as for example, forgiving your father, many times removed. (As an angler, I never ate sharks because I thought of that as eating humans once removed.) One day, you will connect the dots to a father, mother, perhaps a molester. Until you learn to deal ever-presently with its symptom, it would be wise not to know about the past just yet.

For example; the frustration with an ulcer could easily represent an unrecognized resentment towards an ambitious mother’s will living her life through you, one you could never please, who pushed you too hard to succeed for her own selfish glory.

How do you think you would feel if you were that emotionally driven person, laid-up in the hospital with an ulcer, unable to work, might you not feel guilty feeling as though you were failing everyone? The resentment toward mother’s ambitions may very well have displaced your own motivations and purposes in life. Yet, the real cause of guilt and suffering would have long ceased being mother, rather, it would be your own infantile reactions to all women, a sister, your wife, or a woman boss perhaps. You would have added your sin to sin, a lifetime of resentments piled up and morphed into the ulcer, which began to represent the sum of all hates.

From birth, resentment originating through mother, resentment adding to resentment, consequently took the form of disease. In this example, the ulcer ends up representing the corporeal evolution of mother’s sick will many times removed. Connect the dots, and you will see the inherited war between husband and wife, also morphing into conflict between nations. Look more deeply my friend and you will see certain kinds of individuals, (personally and politically) exploiting our collective failings in a diabolical craving for power.

Who can admit hating a parent? One way or another we all deflect ego awareness of our failings, and project blame on other people, places and things. This is why emotional upsets cause problems internally, and make us fixate angrily on their symptoms, all the way to a fatal demise. The disease in this story is just one example of becoming what we hate. One way or another, we are all victims, succumbing to an invisible, intangible biofeedback of death. Resentment you see is the evidence of the soul’ s failing to endure with patient grace. You are bound to and shaped by the environment that connects you to the all the negative circumstances of the past.

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