Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome – Everyone Has It – by Roy Masters – part 3

Published September 9, 2019

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome – Everyone Has It

by Roy Masters

This is a shared posting.   Part 3 of 3

No need to go to your past just yet, you could not deal with it if you tried. Look to the present moment, to what irritates, your wife or husband perhaps. In addition, for what it’s worth, do not neglect looking at the way you might be reacting to your children, angrily acting out the role of a parent that you became by hating them for what yours did to you.

Let us suppose, as with Kathleen, that your problem is not your fault that it did not originate in a psychosomatic event, but that it had a base in an infection or a virus. Do you think that being upset with the inconvenience or pain of your suffering helps any? Is there the possibility here also, that you might be compounding your own illnesses by being upset and worrying about them? Worry is a negative faith sustained by anger with yourself and others, all of which fuels a boiling cauldron of deeply repressed bad stuff, which, when acted out, leads to that bottomless pit of woes?

It would take more than this article to explain how emotions alone can reproduce pathological symptoms that science mistakenly treats as disease itself. Therefore, let us stay with what you can identify. Should you be interested in pursuing this matter further, you might purchase the new version of “How Your Mind Can Keep You Well” that contains six extra chapters on the psychopathology of disease.

Your illnesses are like children crying out for the love you do not have. Every impatient angry response to their little irritations, contributes to all the pathology described. Your unresolved problem projects as problems with and to others. Taking your misbehaving troubled children to a psychiatrist makes them hate you more and drives them deeper into illness, because they know in their little hearts that you are the problem. Because you pay the bill, the doctor treats your child with drugs instead of you. For this same reason, psychological rehabilitation for incarcerated criminals is destined to failure, to multiply the criminal class and turn society upside down.

The implanted program becomes an identity that has a life of its own, compelling us to replicate our home lives in marriage for the sake of its existence. That is why we unconsciously react to husbands as fathers, and to wives as we did our mothers. Do you think that you are making the situation any better when you project the unspent anger of your parents upon your spouse? Your children watch and through their resentment, your miserable ancestry passes down.

The body is like that of a little child, often impatiently punished for crying out for corrective love from the soul. When your anger has nowhere else to go it turns inward, unconsciously trying to convert the energies of angry punishments into the correction from a father you never had. Unfortunately, that anger happens to be the very same emotion that gave you the problem in the first place. If you fail to see this point, you will succumb to depression, hopelessness and despair, hating the cruel world turned into yourself.

Can you see now how resentment establishes the problem, and then goes on to reinforce itself by way of internal struggles? Your wrong resistance to the external problem manifests into the wrong resistance to the internal one. Apply this principle of reverberation to just about everything that is going wrong in your life and in the world. Experience will prove that the more you become upset with your circumstance or symptom, the worse it will become.

Overreacting with resentment establishes a legion of anxiety, fears, phobias, feelings of insecurity and sleepless nights. Forgive the redundancy, but you are compounding every symptom with the very same anger that gave rise to them.

Overreacting (evidence of resentment) establishes both a flaw in your character as well as the very symptom with which the flawed character must deal. Our collective character flaws are both cause, the effect and the underlying reason for the existence of all that ever was and ever will be. This character flaw is pride tainted and sustained by its emotional handmaiden — resentment.

“Judge not lest you be judged,” the good book says. The judgment of others will certainly become our own judgments. Alas, those words are more often than not, experienced only as words on a page. It implies repeatedly that our illnesses are comprised of internalized forms of angry self-righteous judgments. The sentence for which is not only miserable circumstance, but also a spiritual death. Ignorance of this law (denial) is no excuse. Therefore, suffer this sin until you face the truth that sets you free.

Finally, it is unwise to seek sympathy from others for what is wrong with you because doctors and people mostly “save” you from seeing the truth and therefore allow your life to deteriorate. Anger will soon rekindle towards all those nice people, with predictable and continued suffering. Life can become many living hells of love/hate relationships, with your friends, lovers, psychiatrists, and doctors. No one will understand how you secretly feel towards them. They may think they are curing, loving, saving and helping.

As you become sicker and more confused, everyone senses some guilt for their part of the problem, but they misinterpret this guilt (their anger toward you) in terms of your lack of appreciation. They may then come to the wrong conclusion that they have not done enough. Here they compensate and try harder to do the right thing, but what is the right thing?  Part 1  Part 2

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